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What is DevStream?

TL;DR: DevStream (CLI tool named dtm) is an open-source DevOps toolchain manager.

Imagine you are starting a new project or ramping up a new team. Before writing the first line of code, you have to figure out the tools to run an effective SDLC process and from development to deployment. Typically, you’d need the following pieces in place to work effectively:

  • Project management software or issue tracking tools (JIRA, etc.)
  • Source code management (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Continuous integration tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, etc.)
  • Continuous delivery/deployment tools (Flux CD/Flux2, Argo CD, etc.)
  • A single source of truth for secrets and credentials (secrets manager, e.g., Vault by HashiCorp)
  • Some tools for centralized logging and monitoring (for example, ELK, Prometheus/Grafana);

The list could go on for quite a bit, but you get the idea! There are many challenges in creating an effective and personalized workflow:

  • There are too many choices. Which is best? There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer because it totally depends on your needs and preferences.
  • Integration between different pieces is challenging, creating silos and fragmentation.
  • The software world evolves fast. What’s best today might not make sense tomorrow. If you want to switch parts or tools out, it can be challenging and resource intensive to manage.

To be fair, there are a few integrated products out there that may contain everything you might need, but they might not suit your specific requirements perfectly. So, the chances are, you will still want to go out and do your research, find the best pieces, and integrate them yourself. That being said, to choose, launch, connect, and manage all these pieces take a lot of time and energy.

You might be seeing where we are going with this, and you are right. We wanted to make it easy to set up these personalized and flexible toolchains, so we built DevStream, an open-source DevOps toolchain manager. Think of the Linux kernel V.S. different distributions. Different distros offer different packages so that you can always choose the best for your need. Or, think of yum, apt, or apk. You can easily set it up with your favorite packages for any new environment using these package managers.

DevStream aims to be the package manager for DevOps tools. To be more ambitious, DevStream wants to be the Linux kernel, around which different distros can be created with various components so that you can always have the best components for each part of your SDLC workflow.

DevStream 是什么?

简单来说,DevStream 是一个开源 DevOps 工具链管理工具。

DevStream 要解决的问题是将涵盖 DevOps 全生命周期的主流开源工具管理起来,包括这些工具的安装部署、最佳实践配置、工具间的打通等等。

我们可以通过一个例子更直观地理解 DevStream 的能力:假如你现在成立一家公司,或者具体一点,你要组建一个研发团队,在开始写代码前你需要做哪些事情?有些事情是绕不开的,比如:

  • 你需要选择一个地方来存放代码,也许是 GitHub,也许是 GitLab;
  • 你需要一个工具来完成项目管理或者说需求管理、Issue 管理等等工作,也许你会选择 Jira 或者禅道或者 Trello;
  • 你需要选择一种开发语言,选择一个开发框架,比如你决定用 Golang 来开发,假如这是一个 web 项目,你需要考虑 web 框架用什么?“第一行”代码怎么写,也就是第一个脚手架怎么组装;
  • 然后你需要配置一些 ci 自动化,比如 GitHub 上添加 actions 来完成代码的扫描、测试等等;
  • 当然 cd 工具也不能少,不管你选择 Jenkins 还是 ArgoCD;
  • 如果 cd 完成了,接下来可能你马上要开始纠结日志、监控、告警等等方案应该怎么定了
  • 如果想得更多,或许你希望 GitHub 上别人给你提的 issue 能够自动同步到你的 Jira 或者 Trello……
  • ……

可见在一个软件的开发生命周期中,除了业务代码编码本身,在 DevOps 工具链上我们将花费大量精力去选型、打通、落地、维护……

而 DevStream 要做的事情,就是屏蔽 DevOps 工具链落地的复杂度,实现“一键部署开源 DevOps 工具链”,甚至是实现“DevOps toolchain as code”。