DevOps Fireside Chat Podcast Pilot - DevStream feat. Daniel Hu

Hello, and DevStream is happy to present to you our new Podcast, “DevOps Fireside Chat!”

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Why “Fireside Chat”


The podcast show’s name “DevOps Fireside Chat” is inspired by the “Fireside Chats” series by KI labs GmbH, authored by friend/former colleague Wyatt Carr.

The Story that Inspired the Name “Fireside Chat”

I know. Many talk shows and podcasts name themselves “fireside chat.” But this isn’t a story of “how we can’t think of a better name, so we unimaginatively named it fireside chat;” this is a story on a much more personal level:

I joined this tiny start-up named KI labs in its early stage. It was April 2018, and KI was my first home after I arrived in Munich, Germany. We had a small and agile team, twenty-ish people squeezed in a historical building (easily over 100 years) near Marienplatz.

I was hitting the ground running from day 1, delivering on a personal-best level of efficiency. I had to, because we were working on multiple projects simultaneously. Back then, I was architecting and building cool stuff for fortune 500 companies from the ground up.

As we grew, we moved offices twice, from 20-ish to 80-ish people. During the process, I was appointed the head of the engineering committee, acting as CTO. Later, my personal interest and the need of the company bifurcated; I hired another CTO to replace me to focus more on the cloud infrastructure architect side.

Then there was a beautiful day in the spring of 2019 when we were at No.44 of Oberanger street, close to the city center. To this day, I still remember that bright day vividly: I was sitting in a huge meeting room with Wyatt, where we had a delightful conversation, which formed the 10th episode of KI labs' Fireside Chats.

Since then, I have always remembered a fireside chat’s warmth and magical feeling. Of course, no actual fireside was involved, although it could be possible, considering it was in Germany.


From Wikipedia:

A television pilot (also known as a pilot or a pilot episode and sometimes marketed as a tele-movie) is a standalone episode of a television series that is used to sell a show to a television network or other distributor. A pilot is created to be a testing ground to gauge whether a series will be successful. It is, therefore, a test episode for the intended television series, an early step in the series development, much like pilot studies serve as precursors to the start of larger activity.

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DevStream feat. Daniel Hu

Finally, welcome to the pilot (very first) episode of the DevOps Fireside Chat podcast!

This episode is in Mandarin. Sorry for English-speaking readers and listeners; we will surely host chats in English.

In today’s episode, we invited Daniel Hu, the PMC member of DevStream, a CNCF open-source project. We discussed DevStream, DevOps, work-life balance, and more. Stay tuned!