App-Centric Configuration: Adding More Value to Your Life

DevStream’s Story About nine months ago, DevStream was first publicly released. Since then, it has evolved a lot. If this is the first time you have come across DevStream, maybe read this blog for a quick overview. In the current incarnation (v0.9), every single DevOps tool (including integrations of tools and CI/CD pipeline setup for apps) is treated as a “Tool”, which is a DevStream concept. So, if you would

State of Kubernetes Secrets Management in 2022

Note: this blog is originally published here. Secrets are already a fundamental building block of the modern Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Applications, CI/CD systems, API access, Databases, etc., all require some form of secrets/tokens/credentials in one way or another: secrets are literally involved in every single stage of the SDLC. And, for security reasons, you can’t put the secret in your version control system (although there are tools, like SOPS,

10 New DevOps Tools to Watch in 2023

With less than two months left in 2022, today, I’d like to look at some new (relatively) DevOps tools we might want to follow in the next year because they might boost engineering productivity to the next level. Author’s note: it’s worth noting that not all of them are “brand new” tools released recently; most of them are probably tried out by the CNCF end-user community. It’s recommended to look

Top 10 Open-Source DevOps Tools That You Should Know

Do you know how many open-source tools are in DevOps? Have you ever seen the picture below? Have you ever felt lost in the DevOps world with seemingly more than 1000 different tools? If you are struggling with these questions now, then today you are in luck because I’m here to help you figure out the most popular DevOps tools. DevOps Periodic Table Wait, what

10 Best DevOps Tools for Start-ups

Author’s note: the opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog post (including but not limited to the choice of tools, reviews/comments on tools, comparisons, etc.) reflect only the author’s views, which are my own and don’t represent either DevStream or my employer’s opinion. OK. You are in a small start-up, and you want to move fast. To move fast, you will need automation instead of doing stuff manually. So, it