On DevOps: 1. What It Is

Note: opinions are my own. They don’t represent my current company or any previous companies I’ve worked for. Note 2: recently, my colleague published a blog post (in Chinese, here’s the link if you are interested). I like this post, but I’d like to share more with you on the topic of DevOps. So I decided to publish a miniseries (7 episodes planned) on DevOps. Here’s the first article. Note

Creating a Local Kubernetes Cluster from the Groud Up - a Tutorial of "Kind"

From the ground up? Yep, from the ground up! Overview Creating a Kubernetes cluster can be tricky. There are multiple tools designed just for that job. There are even companies that provide “installing K8s” as a service. And, to create a production-ready Kubernetes cluster with all the best practices in mind requires detailed designing and planning. So, the scope of this article isn’t to help you to create a “production-ready”

9 Extraordinary Terraform Best Practices That Will Change Your Infra World

Note This article is orignally published at GitGuardian Blog. Before you quickly glance over the title and think “Oh god, yet another tutorial on how to give proper names to variables, how to use modules, how to manage states; nothing I haven’t already know” then close the tab right away, let me assure you this: this article is none of those. This “best practices” article aims to tell you something