How To Setup Your Jenkins Pipeline in K8s with Git Secrets Leak Scan and Docker Image Scan

This blog post is first published at GitGuardian blog. Disclaimer: this tutorial goes all the way through setting up Jenkins in a Kubernetes minikube cluster, if you’re only interested in the Jenkinsfile, jump to the last part! 0 GitGuardian and ggshield ggshield is a CLI application that runs in your local environment or in a CI environment to help you detect more than 350 types of secrets, as well as

On DevOps: 1. What It Is

Note: opinions are my own. They don’t represent my current company or any previous companies I’ve worked for. Note 2: recently, my colleague published a blog post (in Chinese, here’s the link if you are interested). I like this post, but I’d like to share more with you on the topic of DevOps. So I decided to publish a miniseries (7 episodes planned) on DevOps. Here’s the first article. Note

Creating a Local Kubernetes Cluster from the Groud Up - a Tutorial of "Kind"

From the ground up? Yep, from the ground up! Overview Creating a Kubernetes cluster can be tricky. There are multiple tools designed just for that job. There are even companies that provide “installing K8s” as a service. And, to create a production-ready Kubernetes cluster with all the best practices in mind requires detailed designing and planning. So, the scope of this article isn’t to help you to create a “production-ready”