DevStream Certification Program Introduction

Hello, and welcome to another DevStream blog post! In today’s post, DevStream is happy to announce the new certification program for our contributors! 0 Background For veteran contributors dating back to the beginning of this year, I’m sure you still remember our original certification, which is a well-designed digital image that certifies your efforts in the open-source community. As beautiful as it is, there are some drawbacks with a certification

DevStream Joins CNCF Sandbox

On Jun 14, 2022, in the CNCF TOC Meeting, DevStream passed the technical oversight committee’s review, and joined CNCF sandbox! Background DevStream dated back in Oct 2021 and released the first minor version v0.1.0 in Feb 2022. Now, DevStream is a big family with 26 contributors and hundreds of users in our user group. We’ve attracted some attention, too. Now, we are on our way to 400 GitHub stars, which

DevStream 成为 CNCF Sandbox 项目啦!- 锣鼓喧天、鞭炮齐鸣、红旗招展、忘词了。

开局两张图,内容全靠“编” 来,有图有真相! DevStream ❤️ CNCF DevStream joins CNCF Sandbox CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape CNCF Cloud native Interactive Landscape 严肃版本,留给严肃的人 我不代表 DevStream 团队官宣“DevStream 成