DevStream v0.9.0 Release

Official Releases for Different Platforms dtm-darwin-arm64 dtm-darwin-amd64 dtm-linux-amd64 Major Changes since Last Release This version focuses on two things: refactoring making the Jenkins/GitLab/Harbor/Java combination prod-ready Here we highlighted a few changes in this release: Core helm-type plugins now support local charts there is a new “force” flag to dtm destroy command, thanks to @csonezp k8s backend is supported for storing state Plugins GitHub Actions for Python is enhanced Jenkins/GitLab/Harbor plugins

Doppler: A Brief Introduction to Secrets Managers

Disclaimer: This article is originally published on 4th-Coffee, a Medium DevOps Publication. The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely my own; they did not, do not, and will not represent my employer. Author’s note: This blog post walks you through the basic usage and popular integrations of Doppler, and makes a comparison between Doppler and other equivalents. Basic DevOps knowledge is required, for example, Kubernetes, kubectl, helm,

DevOps Fireside Chat Podcast Pilot - DevStream feat. Daniel Hu

Hello, and DevStream is happy to present to you our new Podcast, “DevOps Fireside Chat!” Listen here: Optionally, you can go to Ximalaya to play: https://www.ximalaya.com/sound/558277589 You can also listen this podcast in xiaoyuzhoufm: https://www.xiaoyuzhoufm.com/episode/62ec8532adbcb96cf7f767af If you prefer to watch the video, you can also watch it directly on this page: Why “Fireside Chat” TL;DR The podcast show’s name “DevOps Fireside Chat” is inspired by the “Fireside Chats” series by